Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, st. Antikainena, 38
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Fire-fighting equipment plant, including robotic equipment by LLC ZPO "GAZBALTPROM"

The GAZBALTPROM fire-fighting equipment plant, including robotic equipment, is a modern enterprise focused on the serial production of fire-fighting equipment, a combined approach to solving various projects in the field of fire safety - from regular to individual developments.

All products are made from Russian components in our own production facility.
Fire safety experts from various enterprises and companies, as well as the best design institutes in Russia, cooperate with us. We work so that our clients are satisfied with every stage of cooperation. With us, you get not only a profitable supplier, but also a reliable partner.
We work throughout Russia, we cooperate with leading transport companies, we guarantee prompt delivery of orders of any volume to the facility.
The GAZBALTPROM fire-fighting equipment plant has its own design bureau and an installation supervision division that carries out procedures for managing and controlling the organization and technical equipment of the installation process of various types of equipment, providing preliminary start-up technical processes, partial tests of individual components and checking the operation of all equipment.
Plant "GAZBALTPROM" today is the only manufacturer of deluge control units in Russia.
KD SPUTNIK is intendent to launch water or an aqueous solution of a fire extinguishing agent in automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems.
UAPT is intended for storage of a foam concentrate, preparation of an aqueous solution of a foam concentrate and supply of the finished solution to the foam fire extinguishing system of the facility where the product is installed.
UP chamber UP159-4.89 E is intended for fire extinguishing during rescue operations in open areas.
KASP is intended to discharge into the drainage system or into a container spilled flammable and explosive liquids due to emergency or other unforeseen situations. The product can be installed outdoors or in unheated room.
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You can get advice on the products of ZPO GAZBALTPROM LLC,
by calling +7 (8142) 5005-61 or leave a request in the feedback form.
Projects on installation supervision and commissioning have been successfully implemented at the Portovaya CS and the Amur gas processing plant.
"GAZBALTPROM" provides a range of services for design, manufacture, support at the facility - installation supervision and commissioning.
Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, st. Antikainena, 38
Безопасность, созданная профессионалами