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Automatic fire fighting Unit

ТU 28.99.39-009-63887518-2021
Product designation structure when ordering
UP chamber UP159-4.89 E is intended for fire extinguishing during rescue operations in open areas.
All products are manufactured in the company's own workshops, undergo independent verification and own tests for compliance with technical specifications, and have the necessary certificates of conformity.
KASP is intended to discharge into the drainage system or into a container spilled flammable and explosive liquids due to emergency or other unforeseen situations. The product can be installed outdoors or in unheated room.
KLP is intended for direct operational extinguishing of a fire that has arisen, as well as for cooling technological equipment and installations.
KD SPUTNIK is intendent to launch water or an aqueous solution of a fire extinguishing agent in automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems.
The product is intended for storage of a foam concentrate, preparation of an aqueous solution of a foam concentrate and supply of the finished solution to the foam fire extinguishing system of the facility where the product is installed. Water is supplied from a fire pipeline or from fire trucks. The product is a technological system that does not require additional changes in technological solutions, and can be a block box with equipment placed inside it, a pipeline or a set of supplied equipment - depending on the needs of the Customer. The product is designed for ground placement and fastening on a specially prepared foundation. The product is recommended to be placed in close proximity to protected objects. All automation, alarm, heating and power supply equipment inside the block-box is provided in a general industrial design.
Product purpose
• the fire pipeline connected to the product must be equipped with a drain pipe and a gate for shutting off and supplying the working environment to the product;
• working environment - water;
• operating pressure in the fire pipeline system, not less than 1.6 MPa (16 kgf/cm);
• working environment temperature – positive temperatures;
• type of climatic version according to GOST 15150 depending
from operating temperature:
• from minus 45 to plus 40°C - U1;
• from minus 60 to plus 40°C – HL1, UHL1.
• from minus 40 to plus 40°С – М1;
• from minus 40 to plus 45°C - OM1;
• others according to GOST 15150;
• voltage in electrical networks - 230 V;
• operating area - explosive zone 1 according to GOST R 31610.10.
Application conditions
Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, st. Antikainena, 38
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